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They were never good at buying flowers anyway..png

They were never good at buying flowers anyway.

None of them. 

"Things I Have Loved" is the second book of the poetic memoir trilogy by Sophia Hembeck.


If "Things I Have Noticed" was about growing up and finding yourself "Things I Have Loved" is about the things that were gained/missed/lost along the way.

Told through objects Hembeck has loved, she is weaving a narrative that examines the themes of love, longing and self-worth.


By diving deep into memories of her own life, pop-culture and (lost) objects she is getting to the core of how we love and why.


"(...) a reflection on love and narrative told through essay fragments, slipping through shards of memory and literature. I’m excited to see where this trilogy will end —"

(from The Author is Dead, Juliano Zaffino)

"It’s rarely (ever) that, (...) I’ve been this floored with emotion, but Things I Have Loved by Sophia Hembeck has done just that. I’ve tabbed and underlined nearly every page with passages that have just simply left me broken and feeling seen. Hembeck’s prose seems to unfold and come to light like a Polaroid developing in the cold, crisp air; scatterings of love and heartbreak are strewn throughout, and I found myself taken back to ‘prehistoric wounds’, those moments in time that left me heartbroken and longing, along with analysing self-worth and growth gained along the way. This is a poetic memoir told through objects that Hembeck has loved, and her ability to weave this narrative in with delicate red monochrome photographs is a direct reflection of the musings of a broken heart. Memories on love, things that were lost, and smatterings of references from Rebecca Solnit, Louise Erdrich, Olivia Laing, and Joan Didion will leave you breathless and feeling understood."

(from The May Magazine, Rachel Soo Thow)

"Poignant, empowering and comforting. This memoir was so beautifully written."

(from Endlessbookclub, Phoebe Kim)

Bildschirmfoto 2023-02-03 um 20.46.07.png

I'd like to get the one without the existential dread, please.

The first book of the poetic memoir trilogy by
Sophia Hembeck

“Things I Have Noticed - Essays on leaving / searching / finding” is a poetic memoir written by Sophia Hembeck about the process of finding one's own voice. 

The 2nd edition contains a new foreword by the author and journalist Lin Hierse (TAZ Kolumnistin, Wovon wir Träumen, Piper 2022) and a new extra essay about art/self-publishing/validation. 


"Still thinking about this lil book, which I discovered by accident, but couldn't be happier about that, because it's one of the most beautiful ones I've ever read."

(from The Waves Have Come, Miriam Stimpfl)

"Visually, the book is a pearl in azure, interspersed with images of the author using an ancient photographic technique. These photographs appear strong and delicate and form a perfect connection to the content of the essay volume. Her writing is so clear and beautiful that the collection should be read for that alone. Now and then, when the anger needs to be capped by irony, it escalates into footnotes that turn the reading into a kind of ping-pong. But in the end, she was allowed to do that. It underscores what she aspires to be and what makes her a powerful artist: a writer with emotion and high visibility."

(from Sound & Book)

"I am absolutely enamored with this book. Especially her reflections on childhood are so visceral that I myself felt moved back in time. The language she finds to describe the trials and tribulations of growing up. Fantastic."

(from Zeit-Podcast 'Und was machst du am Wochenende?', Nike Van Dinther)

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