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Coming out Valentines Day 2023! 

 The second book of essays

by Sophia Hembeck 

Things I Have Loved-2.jpg

"Things I Have Loved - A collection (sort of)” is a poetic memoir about love, longing and self-worth.

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"Things I Have Noticed" by  Sophia Hembeck is the first book I've read in a single setting and which left me filled with thousands of different emotions and sentences so relatable they made me laugh and cry. This book is a warm hug. But not necessarily one of the comforting ones. It's a hug that accompanies you through dark places, holding you safe while inviting you to look into the abandoned corners of your own life. But simultaneously it's also that kind of hug you get when you celebrate life and yourself, survival and growth, a reminder that you aren't alone."

Elsa van Eden,


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Muse Letter Publishing was founded in 2020, the year of the pandemic in an attempt to inspire people through honest and vulnerable prose in these difficult and quite frankly strange strange strange times. We publish in English & German: non-fiction, graphic novels, zines and anything vaguely poetic. 

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