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Things I Have Noticed - Essays on leaving/searching/finding

Things I Have Noticed - Essays on leaving/searching/finding


“Most writers produce their memoirs a lot later in life. After they have written their fiction, their stories, they sail into their own life to examine. So in many ways I’m doing this backwards. It’s not intentional. It just sort of happened. Like a hole in a pipe it just started leaking. At first a soft dribble that would find its way into my fiction. Thinking I had it under control, not realising after a while that the bucket I had put under it was overflowing and flooding everything overnight. This is all that was washed ashore. Those days. These are the things I have noticed.”


“Things I Have Noticed - Essays on leaving / searching / finding” is a poetic memoir written by Sophia Hembeck about the process of finding one's own voice.


The 2nd edition contains a new foreword by the author and journalist Lin Hierse (TAZ Kolumnistin, Wovon wir Träumen, Piper 2022) and a new extra essay about art/self-publishing/validation. 



What readers said: "Sometimes you read a sentence and it resonates so deeply within you, it's almost painful." (@hannah_bahl)



"'Things I Have Noticed' by @sophiahembeck is the first book I've read in a single setting and which left me filled with thousands of different emotions and sentences so relatable they made me laugh and cry. This book is a warm hug. But not necessarily one of the comforting ones. It's a hug that accompanies you through dark places, holding you safe while inviting you to look into the abandoned corners of your own life. But simultaneously it's also that kind of hug you get when you celebrate life and yourself, survival and growth, a reminder that you aren't alone. But I'll stop now, read it for yourself, you won't regret it!" (@shehadistan)



"Leaving, searching, finding. There is a lot in the book that made me feel things, that reminded me of myself or how I feel and think. It's kinda painful and calming at the same time, knowing the others go through the same growing pains. I don't think I am good at writing reviews but I ate this book up in two reading sessions and that hasn't happened in a very long time. And great and you should read it, if you too sometimes feel like life doesn't make any sense to you. It's also very pretty, blue ink, blue cover, beautifully set." (@fresheima)




Illustrated with blue cyanotypes and printed in blue colour, it is not just a memoir, it’s an artistic approach to make sense of a life.



 ISBN: 978-1-5272-8041-0


147 pages / paperback


2. Edition 


Worldwide shipping

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