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Need help with a writing project? 
I'm offering bespoke 1:1 mentoring sessions to help you become the writer you want to be. Book a session with me here. 

1:1 Mentoring Sessions

The 1:1 creative mentoring session is for you if you want to get for example: 

  • brainstorm ideas and map out a book project 

  • help to organise your writing routine

  • get over writer's block 

  • feedback on a book idea

  • discuss a larger writing project

  • self-publish your work 

  • help to organise your writing routine

  • brainstorm ideas and map out a book project

  • get over writer's block

  • start writing on substack, growing your substack

  • learn how to build an online presence 

  • any other related writing queries, questions I can answer within a short time-frame

The 1:1 text feedback session (up to 5K): 

  • feedback on a written piece (up to 5K words)

The  1:1 text feedback session (up to 10K words)

  • feedback on a draft or finished piece (up to 10K words)

The sessions are individually customized to your specific needs, so please let me know in advance what you want to be focusing on.

If you want to receive regular mentoring, over a longer period of time, please get in touch for a 20% discount. 

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