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Things I Have Noticed (EBook)

Things I Have Noticed (EBook)



“Most writers produce their memoirs a lot later in life. After they have written their fiction, their stories, they sail into their own life to examine. So in many ways I’m doing this backwards. It’s not intentional. It just sort of happened. Like a hole in a pipe it just started leaking. At first a soft dribble that would find its way into my fiction. Thinking I had it under control, not realising after a while that the bucket I had put under it was overflowing and flooding everything overnight. 

This is all that was washed ashore. Those days.

These are the things I have noticed.”


“Things I Have Noticed - Essays on leaving / searching / finding” is a poetic memoir written by Sophia Hembeck about the process of growing up. In twelve essays that are divided into three parts: leaving, searching, finding, Hembeck begins with the moments where she left places: her family home, her first love, several cities, to continue to those situations where she was searching: experimenting with drugs, studying at university, living in Berlin, going to therapy to finally land on the moments where she found herself: to speak up against the patriarchy, her boss and by moving to Edinburgh. 


A download link for the epub file will appear after purchase. 


Due to the nature of an ebook, it does not include any illustrating cyanotypes.


144 pages



  • Tech Specs

    PDF file, compatible on any eBook reader, laptop, PC / for kindle version you can purchase it on amazon kindle 

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