The Muse Salon is a bi-monthly online creative workshop centering around a topic in the creative realm e.g.: How to get over writers block? / How to write a story / poem/ novel? How to start freelancing? / How to make and publish a zine? / How to have better self-esteem? How to find your true calling? 

The Muse :: Sessions are a personal monthly online mentoring. For anyone who is seeking to live a more creative life, professionally or just to feel more inspired in general. They are tailored to the individual, anything within the creative realm e.g. how to start a freelance business, social media marketing, structuring your daily life, how to find motivation / inspiration, overcoming creative blocks and so on, I will be able to help you with. The Muse :: Sessions are a space to discuss ideas, get feedback on projects and to  help you explore your full creative potential. The sessions are conducted monthly, online and about 20-30 minutes long.